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Yarn Bowl

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Knit or crochet in style with the yarn Bowl by Yarn Valet. It is a simple, lightweight and unbreakable yarn bowl. The rubberized ring bottom will keep the bowl from slipping on smooth surfaces. Do not worry about a heavy bowl that risks breaking. This lightweight bowl is perfect for sitting next to you on the sofa or coming with you in your yarn bag. Contain your yarn while on an airplane or sitting in the carpool lane. The bowl will deliver perfect tension when the yarn is pulled through the yarn director when knitting or crocheting. The bottom hole director is used for larger fibers or skeins. The yarn bowl will keep your yarn clean and contained from falling on the floor while you knit or crochet. Small Size: dimensions are 4" diameter at the base/bottom, 6" diameter at the top, and 3" tall

    Minimum Quantity: Please order in increments of 2