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Fashion Pattern Weights, 4 pc

by Dritz
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The Dritz designed dress form-shaped pattern weights are fashionable and functional! These pretty must-have tools make the sewing construction process of cutting patterns and fabric easier and faster. The hand-sized weights hold patterns in place and will not damage the pattern or fabric. Your fabric will remain flat, smooth and wrinkle-free providing accurate cutting. Patterns will not be damaged by pin holes and can be used for other projects. The yellow-green colored weights feature an attractive gloss finish and a matte textured base to provide a secure hold.

  • Dimensional shape provides easy pick-up and placement
  • Holds pattern pieces flat and prevents fabric from stretching, wrinkling and distorting when cutting
  • Prevents holes and preserves tissue and paper patterns
  • Ideal for knits and delicate fabrics that could be damaged by straight pin holes
  • Suitable for both delicate and thick fabrics
  • Saves time - no pinning and unpinning - speeds up the cutting process
  • Size: 4" x 2-1/4" x 1/2" Average Weight: .274 lb

Minimum Quantity: Please order in increments of 3